i covet: Ashburn Eng: young&restless S/S 2012: Galactic Monastic

Established in August 2010, young&restless is a womenswear line designed by Ashburn Eng. young&restless is made for the free-spirited, confident and unpretentious woman, who is sophisticated yet, bold enough to daydream. She is forever young and down-right restless. Within its first year, young&restless has successfully produced four seasonal collections and two diffusion collections.

Ashburn's design process is an intimate transition; an extension of his day dream, fantasy and personal life experience. His anti-fashion approach ignores the dictation of seasons, looks beyond trends and shuns the idea that fashion has to be "cohesive" or "sensible". Rather than worrying about creating the next best-selling designs, he believes that every garment has to last for more than a single season. He envisions the young&restless wearer in garments constructed with unique characters. For every season, each set of designs is largely based on a developed story and his 'DNA', which helps to counter the harsh reality of fast-moving fashion trends every 6 months.

Having achieved much success as a fashion stylist and creative director of Test Shoot Gallery, Ashburn Eng's works received due recognition when he was the recipient of two top prizes at the Iconique Societas Awards in 2009 for Best Fashion Stylist and Overall Winner.

text via young&restless

photos via Behance