Marcus Tomlinson: Cosmic Energy : A Jewelry Film via NOWNESS

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Marcus Tomlinson: Cosmic Energy
Sudanese Model Ajak Deng Sparkles in the Director’s Resplendent Jewelry Film

Sudan-born beauty Ajak Deng is adorned with pulsating bracelets, necklaces and knuckleduster rings from revered houses Bulgari, FabergĂ©, Louis Vuitton and Dior in filmmaker Marcus Tomlinson’s cosmic short. A rising star in the modeling world, Deng has graced the cover of i-D magazine, the pages of Italian Vogue, and was recently announced as a new face for MAC Cosmetics. While capturing the energy and light resonating from Deng and the jewels, which were styled by AnOther Magazine's fashion editor Agata Belcen, Tomlinson also recorded the sounds the jewelry made during filming and incorporated them into the final soundscape. “When you give someone a piece of jewelry, the vibration that you are passing on is also part of that gift,” explains Tomlinson. “It’s not just a lump of gleaming metal and stone, it’s what you put into it when you give it that resonates and makes it treasured.” Best known for short films and commercials for thought-provoking designers including Issey Miyake, Hussein Chalayan and Gareth Pugh, Tomlinson eschews the traditional tools of pencil and paper when coming up with new ideas, and instead gets inspired by doing. “I believe imagination is created for us," he says. "I make experiments with light and find the idea inside the camera.”

film and text courtesy of NOWNESS