Inspiration: Ekaterina Kukhareva

s/s 2010
Colour palettes were inspired by “An Asterix Adventure “cartoons featuring Cleopatra and Persian plates and Egyptian Pharaohs and Sarcophagus.
Chevron technique, pleats, ripples and plaiting techniques were used to make soft lines next to geometric 3D shapes.
Model: Anna Kukhareva
Make up: Elena Paystovoyt
Photographer: Alena Nikiforova

OMG! I just discovered Ekaterina's incredible designs. They are to DIE for! is it a surprise that she is a Central Saint Martin’s graduate?

s/s 2011
The simplicity of the mute colours helps to focus the attention onto the gorgeously indulgent materials, including soft cotton yarn, hand-worked macramé and crochet details. And of course the dazzling embellishment of the dresses is the sparkle of crystals.
Luxurious macramé textures, trimmings sexy cut-outs and a body-con cut bring glamour and a maximum exposure for a collection of the Undercover Queen gowns.
Model: Inga Dorokhina
Make up: Elena Paystovoyt
Photographer: Alena Nikiforova

a/w 2011
Sleek silhouettes are sculpted with carefully thought out pattern cutting technique to craft desirable shapes in knitwear. Ekaterina Kukhareva’s aim is to make knitwear glamorous and luxurious using techniques from elegant lace to chunky macramé to channel your inner glamour. Seductive cocktail dresses, lavishing floor length looks, bold scarlet red lace and ruffles will transform you from a demure and romantic to a modern and seductive Tsaritsa.

Photographer: Nikolay Biryukov
Make-up/Hair: Evgeniya Vlasova
Model: Anastasia Orlando Berger

s/s 2012
The focus is on ‘Natural’ – Orchids, Sunflowers, Lilies and Chamomiles are all a reminder of summer blossom. This season Ekaterina Kukhareva embraces the natural beauty of these flowers and through them celebrates grace, natural beauty and the natural sense of style of women.
Model: Natalia Ilyuk
Make up: Elena Paystovoyt
Photographer: Alena Nikiforova

a/w 2012
Ekaterina Kukhareva brings you the exotic aura of the Middle East. The main inspiration originates from Harem and the queen of Egypt Nefertiti who reigned during the eighteenth dynasty (1550-1292 BC). The colours are on a neutral note with added shine of gold and touches of sky blue, capturing the feel of the Egyptian desert and a hot breeze whispering “the beautiful one has come”.
Photographer: Nikolay Biryukov
Hair and Make-Up: Marina Keri
Model: Berta-Blanca T Ivanova

Seriously, have you ever seen anything so beautiful??!! Take a look through her entire site (including her online flagship boutique). DEFINITELY inspiring!

all photos and text courtesy of Ekaterina Kukhareva