Inspiration: Bladeworks Fencing Poster: Spencerian Script by Tony DiSpigna, Designer Jeff Harrison

Close-up, you can see the stencils

If you look closely you can see the burn marks and stencils. In the end we pulled over 5 test burns in order to have all the script hold together.

Title: Bladeworks Fencing Poster

This poster for Bladeworks Fencing Club was designed to show that fencing
is a fun way to get fit for anyone—not just nerds or Olympians.

The traditional Spencerian script was hand-lettered by world-renowned typographer Tony DiSpigna
and laser-cut so that it appears the words were cut out of the paper Zorro-style by an extremely skilled swordsman.

Client: Bladeworks Fencing Society
Agency: Rethink Canada
Designer: Jeff Harrison
Writer: Keri Zierler
Typographer: Tony Di Spigna
Producer: Keri Bhangu, Sheila Santa Barbara
Studio Artist: Jonathan Cesar
Laser Diecutting: Arkwell Industries

Images and Text courtesy Jeff Harrison's Flickr

Please see the remaining images of the process of the poster design from first sketch to final diecut poster.