artist Christie Rustico

I was visiting FIT the other day to view The Sporting Life exhibit, and I ran into Christie Rustico just after she had taken down her installation for her graduate project. Actually, I didn't run into Christie, I ran into her painting!

I was so struck by the painting, I had to speak to the artist. Turns out I am not the only one who loved her work on sight. She had sold the rest of her paintings from the show, and this was the only one left! With a dynamic personality and mature talent, Rustico will go far.

Here is Rustico's artist statement:

"Nothing in this world is ever completely perfect, no person is ever perfect nor is a work of art. I am very comfortable with knowing I will never be perfect and I am happy with myself, in my own skin and in my life, but until a few years ago I was unsure of who I was as an artist. I realized once I became comfortable with myself, I became comfortable with my art and was now given the ability to fully express myself. I am a twenty two year old FIT graduate from Broad Channel, New York and I try to portray my personality through my artwork by indicating my sense of humor, and allowing the viewer to know me on a more personal basis.

Everyone close to me has always encouraged me to do what I want my whole life and I feel that they really helped shape me as a person and an artist. I am very family oriented with my own and my boyfriend Cory’s family and they mean the world to me. I am blessed to have these amazing, and crazy people in my family who appreciate the person I am. I am a very silly individual always cracking dirty jokes, poking fun, and excessively using the term "That’s What She Said.", so I thought it would be cool to introduce it into my art since it is such a big part of my life.

My artworks resemble close friends, family members, and myself stuck in ackward situations, who are turned into comic cartoons making vague statements. The characters are created by a very smooth application of acrylic paint and include a great use of line variation. The situations are meant to relate to the viewer and have them reminsince of a time when they’ve been stuck in a similar moment, or remember the feeling of laughing at yourself, I want them to get a laugh out of my paintings. Each painting conceals a sexual innuendo in the vague text bubble, giving the viewer freedom to determine the meaning for themselves."

Christie Rustico