Armory Arts Week: Moroso: Skyscraper Nursery by Anna Galtarossa

Moroso presents the Moroso Award for Contemporary Art to Italian artist Anna Galtarossa. The Skyscraper Nursery is a fascinating installation of mechanical structures representing buildings of NYC. Each building moves, twirls, inflates and deflates and gyrates in a different way. I heard someone describe the work as "a bunch of children acting up in a nursery". That is exactly what I experienced. Each piece is on a timer and seems to react on it's own internal trigger, just like a child!! I found that the installation did not detract from the furniture display. In fact it seemed to match perfectly in introducing the new Soft Wood designs (as seen in the window shot), with the Soft Wood bench amongst the Galtarossa skyscrapers.

Anna Galtarossa next to a belly dancing skyscraper who lace lingerie peeks through the overlaying fabric on each gyration!

I LOVE the watertowers!

I love how the installation enhances the landscape of the Moroso furniture displays! This skyscraper alternately loses air and fills up again.

Moroso introduces the Soft Wood sofa by Swedish design group Front:

Visit Moroso in Soho

146 Greene Street
New York, NY 10012
(212) 334-7222

Anna Galtarossa is represented in NYC by:

Spencer Brownstone Gallery

39 Wooster Street
New York, NY 10013-2299
(212) 334-3455

I spotted a couple of her pieces at The Armory Show, one of which was sold to a private collection!