Jill Stuart Fall 2011

Once again Jill Stuart demonstrates her proficiency with color and fabric which blends perfectly with her bold choice in print. Prior to the start of Fall 2011 New York Fashion Week, the prediction was that designers would be focusing on color. Stuart steps to the forefront with her choices. Looking at the overall palette, the tones are ones seen at the changing of the seasons here on the East Coast, and they blend perfectly. It's as if Stuart has literally pulled the colors from nature and placed them on the runway. In addition, the designer shows mastery in blending various fabrics, not only in different tones, but in different textures.

The result is a highly creative and well edited show. In this, and the Spring 11 collection, it seems as if Stuart has raised the bar for her label. She is definitely living up to that vision. Brava!

Here are my favorites from the collection:

Lindsey Wixson walks in my favorite dress.

Take a look at Stuart's Spring 11 ad campaign featuring Wixson. What a coup! It's awesome!

My favorite model of the day, Hailey Clauson

Photos: Alessandro Viero / GoRunway.com