Most Amazing Beat Box Video Ever

French beat box phenomenon EKLIPS performs a 4 minutes history of HIP HOP for Trace Urban... In one single take!

FULL LIST IN ORDER: Rapper's Delight-The Message-Planet Rock-La Di Da Di-Paid In Full-It Takes Two-Back to the Hotel-Bring the Noise-Insane in the Membrane-Nuthin But A G Thang-Real Hip Hop-Shimmy Shimmy Ya-Mystery of Chess Boxing-Method Man-Step into a World-South Bronx-Represent-Full Clip-California Love-Kick in the Door-My Name Is-Ante Up-Simon Says-Lean Back-Mo Murda-Forgot about Dre-What's The Difference-Bang Bang-Still DRE--Break Ya Neck-Hustlin-A Mili-I'm Ill-DOA-Power-Under Pressure

(list by Liface)

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