Our First Stop on the ARTBUS

Our first stop on the ARTBUS was brunch at Cisneros Fontanals Foundation with a tour of the exhibition. The exhibition, Inside Out, Photography After Form: Selections from the Ella Fontanals-Cisneros Collection is co-curated by Simon Baker and Tanya Barson of the Tate Gallery.

Image: UTA BARTH, SUNDIAL, (07.13), 2007.

This exhibition, drawn from the photographic holdings of the Ella Fontanals-Cisneros Collection, will explore the creative relationship between the camera lens and the construction, production and deconstruction of form; tracing the many and various ways in which form can and has been both produced and undone through the agency of the camera lens.

Rather than seeking to trace a lineage or make a chronological survey, the exhibition will bring together contrasting images and bodies of work that look at the question of space and form from within and without, overturning preconceptions about the critical potential of the photographic medium.

Photography's experimental engagement with the formal possibilities of line, light and shadow in the real world will be challenged and re-assessed through the work of post-war conceptual and contemporary artists, who have engaged critically with modernism and its aftermath.

The exhibit was beautiful! The brunch was held outdoors in the courtyard-sunny and warm with fabulous finger foods!

Cisneros Fontanals Foundation
1018 North Miami Avenue
Miami, Florida 33136