Art Basel Miami Beach: ARTBUS Tour

On Friday of Art Basel Miami Beach, I signed up for an art tour with the ARTBUS. The ARTBUS limo arrived with an art installation on either side called 'Spam', a series based on Viagra spam by artist collective Detext. "Life is Unjust and Cruel" on one side and "If You Have a Tiny Tool" on the other.

Our in bus art entertainment were 3 different art videos, one from Maria Petschnig: "Minnie", "Peepshow" interactive installation on video, and the Viagra Spam video of which the following is a cel.

Here was our tour schedule. Be back tomorrow for the highlights of our trip!

10:00 am Meet at the entrance of the Loews Hotel (1601 Collins Avenue) and board the Artbus
10:30 am Brunch at Cisneros Fontanals Foundation (1018 North Miami Avenue) and tour of the exhibition Photography After Form, curated by Tanya Barson and Simon Baker (only VIP Cardholders)
11:00 am Curator-led tour of PULSE Art fair at the Ice Palace (1400 North Miami Avenue)
12:00 pm Tour of the de la Cruz Collection (23 NE 41st Street)
12:45 pm Reception at the Moore Space (4040 NE 2nd Avenue) and tour of the exhibition Mover la Roca/Move the Boulder
1:30 pm Return to Miami Beach