Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen partners w/Minx®

photos by Philippe Ardouin via Minx®

U.K. nail stylist extraordinaire Marian Newman headed the team responsible for the Minx nail fashions, and reveals that Sarah Burton and stylist Camilla Nickerson provided a few swatches of fabric that represented the "feel" of the collection in order to assist creation of Minx that would complement the designs perfectly. Marian and Minx co-founders Janice Jordan and Dawn Lynch-Goodwin discussed some variations of Minx based on the references, and the Minx design team developed a wide variety of Minx templates in preparation for the show.

"Some of the templates created were exact reproductions of the fabrics, while others were a gold version that used the motifs of the fabric, and still other designs were a more "natural" variation that accessorised the more delicate pieces," explains Marian.

Backstage at the show, it was Camilla Nickerson who chose which Minx templates, ranging from the impactful motifs to the more subtle, low key natural designs, that each model would wear. The key designs were the delicate gold "leather" impression Minx and a leaf motif layered over a matte gold Minx base. The shape and length of the nails was to be natural, but super-maintained with an elegant but short oval shape.

Marian and her team applied the Minx straight on to the nails of some of the models, but needed to utilize false tips for some of the others in order to present the "couture" 1-2mm free edge in a perfect oval. The end result was a flawless collaboration of McQueen and Minx, with Minx using both artistry as well as technology to extend fashion to the very fingertips.