Violet Darkling

"A luxurious, yet intriguingly edgy addition to the world of jewellery, 'Violet Darkling' is a clever combination of wit, imagination and sophistication. Fierce, dark yet delicately feminine......truly magical."

Black Tarsier
Black Rhodium Plated Skull, Silver Shank

Skull Length: 18mm, Skull Width: 14.6mm, Skull Height: 15.6mm

Black Fossa, Amethyst Eyes
Sterling Silver, Black Rhodium Plated
Stones: Amethyst

Black Cufflinks
Sterling Silver, Black Rhodium Plated
Length of Skull: 20mm
Width of Skull: 15mm

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images via Violet Darkling

"Violet Darkling is the alter ego of New Zealand born designer Louisa Richwhite. Inspired by the 'darkness' and all things nocturnal, her outdoor roots and quirky humor, along with a desire to make life a little more magical, have created a cutting-edge first collection. Her enthusiasm for fashion led her to study in London where she now resides and has her studio. She also worked with New Zealand fashion designers Karen Walker and Mala Brajcovic."