i covet: Arabella, the Seductive Armchair, by Giorgetti

Welcome to a new experience of seduction..........

the seduction begins

Arabella, a generously proportioned, swooping armchair upon which it is so easy to luxuriate-an intuitive armchair that responds to the desire to drape and lounge while experiencing the ultimate in comfort. Arabella is set on a swivel base which adds to the experience of sensuality and comfort, responding again intuitively to the body's desire for a deep, introverted relaxation experience.

Ahhhhhh, the seduction is complete

all images courtesy Giorgetti

Inspiration: corset

Carlo Giorgetti, President and Owner of Giorgetti, says: “I came across a sinuous corset which shaped and defined the body of a woman. Suddenly I realized that this instrument of seduction tends to follow curves. I thought that an armchair should have the same features, that is to be able to adapt to the body and be flexible in order to provide a unique comfort. The corset: a totally different object compared to an armchair. But in my head the product was already born.”

With suppleness in mind, the sides and back of the chair are ultra flexible and can be pushed as far down as to touch the seat of the chair, only to pop immediately back into its original form once released. A unique research and development process led to using materials similar to the stays found in corsetry which combines great flexibility with support.

The armchair is available with a higher right or left arm and has a varnished base structure in a bronzed finish. The frame is made of a multi-layer poplar wood and the backrest-construction has an internal frame made up of steel springs that enables elasticity and ergonomic support. The upholstery, completely removable, is available in fabric, leather or leather for the seat and fabric/leather for the back.

I will take two please (sharing is not an option).

Giorgetti was founded in 1898 in Meda, Italy, an area then, and still , famous for its highly skilled furniture craftsmen. This company, over 100 years old, was one of the first Italian companies to sell to the US. Giorgetti is a family owned business founded in the manufacturing and exporting of carved wood chair frames.

Giorgetti’s showroom is located in the US at The New York Design Center, 200 Lexington Avenue, on the 5th floor. (212)889-3261