2010 Julian Roberts: Subtraction Cutting Tour NYC

I am sooo excited! I just signed up for Julian Roberts Subtraction Cutting Class in Manhattan, June 11 + 12. There are several packages available-I purchased the package that includes two workshops and a fashion show. Here is a portion of the press release:


Julian Roberts with J.R. Campbell

The Fashion School at Kent State University, in conjunction with the Center for Pattern Design, is excited to host Julian Roberts, during his 2010 tour, in an exclusive New York City engagement. This unique series of workshops and presentations introduces the dynamic processes of Subtraction Cutting + Engineered Digital Print, connecting two strong garment industry markets – textile design and fashion design. Julian Roberts, an award winning UK designer and faculty member at the Royal College of Art, and J.R. Campbell, Director of the Fashion School at Kent State University and one of the most important fashion educators in the US, are teaming up to demonstrate the newest concepts in fashion design, Subtraction Cutting and Digitally Printed Textiles .........(read the rest of the press release and register for the class via The Fashion School at Kent State University website)

via finalfashion

I discovered Julian Roberts via the blog finalfashion.ca

Danielle Meder speaks with Julian Roberts: Final Fashion podcast