One of my favorite fashion resources: "Welcome to Trend Hunter Magazine an online explosion of new ideas"

absolutely love this resource-I think one of the reasons it is so awesome is that the posts are from viewers like you and me! I know there is only one me. Do you know how many of you there are? and we all have different styles and different ideas of what is a trend. We all have an innate great eye for spotting what is relevant to us. This site understands that.

What I also love about it is that it is a free resource (you can certainly purchase the Trend Reports-competitive market pricing). That is really important in fashion in this economic environment, where most of the trend resources cost an arm and a leg.

Of course I LOVE the visuals!! Here is a sampling of what I am inspired by in the latest newsletter:

guerilla doll faces:

otherworldly digital art (photo by Peter Gric)

otherworldly shoes (Anastasia Radevich)

Gothic Pin-Ups (Michael Park Photography)

Armed Animal High Heels (Iris Schieferstein)

3D Tattoo Photography (Tiago Hoisel)

images via

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Must read about founder Jeremy Gutsche.

Check out Trend Hunter TV:

Time well spent. Need I say more??