Delicate, Divine, + Deviant: Bittersweets Jewelry

It is not surprising I'm attracted to Bittersweets-the designer is a sculptor-I love that artists always think outside the box. I am so happy that jewelry is really taking off as a form of art. Say goodbye to all those mainstream ring settings and boring gold chains with a miniature teddy bear charms, and say hello to worms and vampire teeth.

For the whole Vamp family!

Baby Vamp Rings
Baby Vamp Charm
The Vampress
Big Boy Vamp Ring
Baby Vamp Keepsake Ring
I'll take the Baby Vamp Rings, the Baby Vamp Keepsake Ring, and the Big Boy Vamp Ring-all for myself.

for all the dirty girls, here is the Earthworm collection:

Earthworm Bracelet
Earthworm Ring
all images via Bittersweets NY website