Art Basel Miami: Day 1, 10am media reception

Art Basel Miami celebrates its eighth year. UBS has been the main sponsor of Art Basel for the past sixteen years and the main sponsor of Art Basel Miami since its inception. James D. Price, Head of Wealth Management Advisor Group Americas, UBS spoke of the value of art. “Art is a way to give insight,” said Price. “The fluid, insightful mindset of artists relates to how UBS” has to approach their clients in times of uncertainty.
There is definitely a sense here of the unknown-not knowing what to expect and how this show will affect the art market as a whole. Will art sell this week? I think that is the question on everyone's mind. The show itself has gone through some changes. This is seen as a positive choice on the part of Annette Schonholzer and Marc Spiegler, Co-Directors of Art Basel Miami Beach. It remains to be seen how these changes affect the gallery owners and buyers.
In general, I think that people are resistant to change since it can cause a certain amount of insecurity. However, change does provide the environment for growth.In the midst of change one can reinvent themselves and become more open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. Changing the environment of the show can be a catalyst. Everything has been moved around, so the buyers will be more apt to have to slow down and look more closely. It is a challenge, but humans love to be tested!

Associate Sponsors include Cartier, NetJets, and AXA art. VIP car service is provided by Audi.