Mark Murphy: Murphy Design @ Aqua Art : Art Basel Miami

Mark is one of the gallery owners I met at last years Gen Art show. His theme for the show was size-each artist could create what they wanted within the small dimensions given (I forget what the dimensions were!). It made for a great looking booth with great pricing.

Mark also puts together books on his artists work. Last year I bought this book by Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters (together, but seperate artists).
which you can find in his marketplace on his website.

At Art Basel Miami this year, Mark is going to be exhibiting at Aqua Art.

I am interested in the work of Mia(images courtesy of Murphy Design):
The Four Seasons : 48" x 36" : Acrylic on Wood
Persephone : 18" x 18" : Acrylic on Wood : Framed : Available at Aqua Art Fair