APPLE store opening! GREENWICH ct What to do while you are in the area!!!

The building the Apple Store is located in used to be a movie theatre. I remember seeing "Star Wars" here and always getting snocaps and popcorn for my snacks when I was a kid.
Last week:

8am today:

My friend Holly introduced me to this French eatery (right next door to the Apple Store)! Yummy sweet and savory crepes-very confined space, but well worth it-as you will see when you try to get a seat.
My mom used to bring me to Diane's Books (right around the corner) when I was a kid. I have shopped there for my son and my niece as well!
Shop Richard's (across the street) for luxury fashion. They have been in Greenwich forever as well. Hermes has a store inside the shop-you can see their accessories in the holiday window. Ask for Iwona in Women's.

Best bagels here (across the street):
St. Moritz (across and down the street)has been here since the 1930's!!!! It is a Swiss bakery with the most delicious array of unBElievable cakes and sweets. I have 3 sisters and a brother and we always got our cakes here growing up. At Christmastime we got our Stollen, gingerbread houses, and Yule log cakes here. The aroma is to die for! I am not a fan of carrot cake, except for the one they make here! It is UNREAL! Today I saw that they are offering carrot cake cupcakes-perfect!

Very stylish and fun fashion (across the street):
Warm up here (down the street same side) with a coffe or tea served in a bowl like they do in Paris. Order the bread basket so you can slather it with the hazelnut butter (no more PB for me!). Heaven!Stop here (across the street) for the burgers!The best service I have had at a nail salon (across and up the street)A French patisserie (across and up the street) that offers the best quiches, eclairs, and other assorted delectable mini desserts. My favorites are the ones with different flavoured mousse in them.LF Stores (across and up the street). Your one stop shop for your favorite Jeffrey Campbells!!!!!!These are the ones I want.
Zyn's (across and up the street)is my source for fashion magazines. It has been here for more than 50 years! Too busy to stop and buy the latest issue of Italian Vogue-darn, have to go back, hee hee. They also sell newspapers, national and international and everything else a convenience store might have and more!