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icon: Bill Belichick: New England Patriots
This past weekend I got to watch one of the most incredible football games I have ever seen:  the New England Patriots v the Indianapolis Colts.  The Patriots won.  It was a game run almost entirely on the ground, with no touchdown passes by QB Tom Brady.  In addition, the team has been working around injuries all year, and yet, the team is able to keep reinventing itself around any problems that arise.  I cannot help but credit this creative footballing to Bill Belichick.  Growing up I was a New York Giants fan, where I became a fan of Belichick when he was defensive coordinator.  I followed him to the Cleveland Browns, the Patriots, the Jets, and finally the Patriots again.  I have been a Patriots fan ever since he took the job as head coach.  I remember the uproar over Brady's replacement  as quarterback over Drew Bledsoe.  I could tell even then, that Belichick was going to be a force to reckon with.

At one point in time, I was living on Nantucket.  Every year, the the Nantucket Iron Teams Relay (formerly the Nantucket Iron Man) is held in June.  It is primarily a team event with six legs:  a 2.5 mile run, a mile paddle, a 3.5 mile run on the beach with a 20 lb pack on your back, a 1/2 mile swim, a 19 mile bike ride and a 6 mile run.  The year I did it solo, Belichick did too.  Wow, I thought, I respect this man.  He makes his team work really hard, but he works hard too.  I was so starry eyed that I was too shy to introduce myself.  It is one of my greatest regrets.  

And yes, he was wearing a cut off sweatshirt.  (no logo though)

This weekend, the Patriots are squaring off against the Denver Broncos for the AFC championship, and they are the 6 point underdogs.  A lot is being said about the rivalry between the two quarterbacks, but to me, this game is about Belichick and his football artistry.

I can't wait to see what he has up his sweatshirt sleeve.

Foldable Japanese Rubber Boots at Kaufmann Mercantile

This is what I call great design! I am going to purchase these Foldable Japanese Rubber Boots before I go to Europe. There is nothing worse than being soaking wet far from home!

Even if it never rains, I don't lose out in luggage space for having brought them!

Hello again!

Hello!  It has been a while since my last post! 
I have just finished my first Masters 
at The Savannah College of Art and Design.  
Now on to my second Masters!
I will graduate in 2016. 

Pampaloni Hosts René Gruau for Art Basel Miami Beach

Images courtesy of Pampaloni

Every year during Art Basel Miami Beach, Pampaloni hosts an artist in its Miami showroom. This year, Pampaloni, the famed Italian silver company, is thrilled to host René Gruau from December 3rd to February 15, 2013. Thanks to private collectors they were able to put together a vast selection of unprecedented oil on canvas, gouaches, lacquers and lithographs. Gruau was an admirer of Pampaloni’s designs and owned a number of their pieces. Among the original works of art will be the last work order of Gruau, a portrait of Cindy Crawford. Commissioned by OMEGA, who is co-hosting the event, the portrait will be shown for the first time since being exhibited at the 1999 opening of the "Musée de la publicité" at the Louvre Museum in Paris. In addition, co-host Sylvie Nissen, author with RÉJANE BARGIEL of "Gruau, Portraits of Men", will be signing her recently published book by Assouline.

image via Assouline

The Zinc Textile Company will also show its new fashion inspired fabric collection called "Runway", which consists of 12 exclusives images by legendary Gruau. This collection is to be launched in the January edition of Maison & Objets in Paris but will be previewed at Pampaloni during Art Basel Miami Beach.

Pampaloni 91 NE 40 St Miami, FL 33137 (305) 695-9370

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